The seventh season of American Horror Story flew by in our opinion. Although I was not very enthusiastic at first, Cult film aspect certainly positively surprised us. Below you can read our impression of the season.

What is AHS: Cult about?

The first episode opens with the 2016 US presidential election. As we know, Donald Trump wins, something Ally (Sarah Paulson) is not happy about. His winnings trigger a lot of her fears, including her fear of clowns and holes. Then there is Kai (Evan Peters) who is only too happy with the win for Trump. Throughout the season, Kai tries to build a cult following. Along the way, the lives of the so different Ally and Kai intersect destructively.

American Horror Story has a tendency to get bogged down in I know how many subplots that end up going nowhere. Surprisingly, Cult works the other way. Although the season starts all over the place, it works towards something: the final confrontation between Ally and Kai. Ally’s fears take up a lot of screentime and the creepy clown Twisty from Season 4 Freak Show shows up for no reason. When all that falls away, the season gets a lot stronger, too, especially when Evan Peters’ role as the deranged Kai comes to the fore.

I said it on Twitter: I want to throw Emmys at Peters because he really deserves one. He has appeared in all seasons of AHS so far, and while his role has not always been the same, he has consistently shown good acting. Sarah Paulson is one of my favourites, but I got tired of her hysterical performance as Ally at the beginning of the season. Fortunately, Ally recovers and Paulson plays a decisive role again. Adina Porter, who also made an impression in Roanoke, plays vital as a desperate TV reporter. Also welcome to the AHS world: Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman who play significant supporting roles. Cheyenne Jackson, Alison Pill and Billie Lourd are less intense.

American Horror Story has gotten back together with Cult and delivers one of the better seasons since Asylum.