SCREAM (1996)

Filmmaker Wes Craven comes after directing the A Nightmare On Elm Street films and the light-hearted horror/comedy Vampire in Brooklyn, with the nerve-racking thriller Scream. The success was good for three sequels, and I am a massive fan of this franchise that revived the ‘teener slasher’ genre. They are relatively simple and entertaining films that you can easily ignore. However, it is too mild to label films as horror films.

There have to be more headlines and explicit scenes full of blood and gore to entertain the demanding horror fanatic. Still, unfortunately, that is not the case. Although some blood is occasionally present, many nasty details are left out. A pity, because I could have liked it a bit spicier. Nor is it the case that the filmmaker has not had a chance to enrich his creation with chilling images.

But does that make Scream a terrible movie? It is definitely not because it is thrilling from start to finish as the lead actress Neve Campbell does well as the “damsel in distress” Sidney Prescott. There is also enough room for her fellow players to assert themselves. As the wacky deputy Dewey, David Arquette is an excellent appearance who provides the “comic relief” while the intimidating look and attitude of Skeet Ulrich make the hackles of many viewers stand up.

Scream is just a delicious snack as a cult movie. Keep your mind on zero and enjoy the tension that is alternated with some laughable fragments. The story has little to do, so you don’t have to follow the movie to understand it all. There is still a nice plot twist, but I won’t reveal anything else. I believe that you should experience that for yourself if you have not seen this recommendation yet.